Wentworthfalls Lake, Blue Mountains, New South Wales

A decent way to enjoy the beauty of nature, a guy kayaking at the lake of Wentworth Falls in Blue Mountains one Sunday afternoon.  I was at the other side when I saw him approaching the middle part of the lake and not until he reached the top end to where I was standing did I had the chance to snapped up a good photo of him in action.

Long Reef Beach, NSW  Apr 15, 2012

Long Reef Beach, Sydney, New South Wales

This is the view of an eroded part of land (cliff) by the sea at Long Reef Beach in Sydney that a painter wanted to draw into a canvas she brought along with her and had set it up just right where I stood taking this photo.


The car we used during our holiday in Victoria.

The car (Kia Carnival) we rented out when we had our Holiday 2013 in Victoria for three days.  We used it to drive up to Mornington Peninsula and down to the Great Ocean Road at Port Campbell Park where the Twelve Apostles are.

A unique cloud formation.

A unique cloud formation.

I took this photo when we’re having a brief stop at a coffee shop in Bilpin, Old Northern Road, New South Wales from our trip to the Central Tablelands.  It was about half passed five in the afternoon when I spotted this unique cloud formation.


Queen Victoria building, shopping centre, Sydney

This is just one of the sections of the roof top of the Queen Victoria Building, a shopping centre at the heart of the busy Sydney.  This was taken when we were strolling down the road fronting it during the Sydney Festival 2014.

More Photos

The photos above are one of the many photographs I took in every adventure we had and which were given story lines in the blogs.  Feel free to browse if you have no enough time to read them.

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  1. a romantic photo ( the first one) and I like your clouds , of course ! . oh you have a small “Marmorkirken of Copenhague ” ah ah
    It’s my screen or your photos are more colored than before ?

  2. Dammit, mate, I haven’t been getting any notifications, and I suspect you haven’t been getting any from my blog, either. This damned WP seems to be a little short on keeping things running properly.

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